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Daytona Day Get-Together







Sunday 24th September 2017 dawned dark, overcast, drizzly and foggy. The forecast was worse. Weeks of meticulous planning looked like going down the drain. Literally. We‘d borrowed a van and took the stuff for our Daytona Day to the Chequered Flag Café near Liskeard. Still grim. On arrival the owner, Robin, kindly offered to clear a space inside in which we could set up the display (instead of outside in the pouring rain). And have the exhibition Daytona 500 provided by GT Motorcycles (with many thanks to Mike Grainger) as the expected single exhibit inside - out of the worsening rain. With the Daytona 50 banner that Russ (S Hants branch) had kindly lent me (thanks Russ), our display at least looked the part with its single bike. The display set-up was complete by 11.15. The rain continued incessantly. Then, before 11.30, a 955i and Daytona 1200 appeared. And then a disc braked 500 (1973). Steve appointed himself as official wipe down officer. Then a red 675 from Newton Abbot appeared.

A snap decision was made to bring the classic Daytonas into the inside display area while the Hinckleys had a cordoned off area outside. It was still 30 minutes to official start time of 12 noon. Doris remained tight-lipped, impassive and singularly unimpressed with proceedings. The new arrivals were warmly greeted, thanked for braving Hurricane Kernow and awarded their food vouchers. Some found interest in the numerous History of the Daytona information posters around. Much discussion was entered into about the disc braked Daytona 500. Other members of the public could clearly be seen wondering what on earth was afoot. But shuffling around posters of Daytona 955s and TOMCC Plymouth raised a smile with a few. And there was of course the inevitable duffer standing next to the 675 exclaiming ‘Are they still making them, mate ?’ Doh. Er, actually No !!

Next up, by 12:15 two more Meriden Daytonas had been assimilated into the Display Area (resistance was futile).

A Superlative Daytona 500


And the most hardy and dedicated rider arrived from Swansea on a Super III. He had set out at 07.30. Well done, Mark. Much respect.

Over 200 miles on a Super III

Outside, the Hinckley scene was now looking healthy with the arrival of a second red 675.

The Hinckley Scene at 12:18

It was clear that Daves imaginative signposting to the event was working wonders.

Effective communication was essential

Also outside, it was raining. There were of course the expected extras. Though not Daytonas they were all nevertheless equally welcome. One very delectable light blue pre-unit model arrived together with one of those really classic 1970 Daytona 500s. And coincidently followed shortly after by another even more delectable light blue pre-unit (T110), the latter being quickly shepherded inside.

The display area, now holding 6 yes 6 classic Daytona 500s now acquired the status of the drains - overflow point. This was unbelievable and never imagined. And it was without argument a case of -

Nulli   Secundus

Display Area : Fully Populated

Inevitably, Daytona 500 No. 7 materialised in the now extended Display Area next to the T110 model. The Café was getting busy. And the rain finally stopped. And to top it all, Doris was finally seen to give the briefest flick of a smile standing next to a line of six classic Daytona 500s.

Doris proudly presides over the classic Daytona 500s

Time was advancing at 13:27. TOMCC Plymouth had schedules to keep. But wait. Its 13:30 and another Hinckley blasts in off the A38. This one was a trick 955i. This made 6 Hinckley Daytonas. A 750, 2 955s, 2 675s and a Super III.

Hinckley No. 6 was an owner special

By this time everyone had been issued with a Daytona Quiz Sheet, devised by Dave, to complete having 15 questions on mostly Daytonas. And free raffle tickets had been distributed. Quiz sheets were marked and the raffle draw was held. Dave presented the prize to the winner of the quiz which was a joint effort by Kev and Titch. Raffle prizes ranged from tool wallets, through assorted Daytona Trinketry, to a bound set of A6 sized event posters. Intriguing ! Daytona photos and prints abounded.


What a spectacular and engaging history this motorcycle has.

Finally time for the event presentations.


‘Best in Show’ was awarded to an example of a very rare disc braked 1974 Daytona 500.

Overall Event Winning Bike : Daytona 500

(disc brake model)

Owner Peter says his bike was 3rd from last of the 25 disc braked Daytona 500s that were produced, pointing out that some of this number were not fully completed so were shipped in kit form in various stages of ‘build’. He has owned it for over 10 years.

. . . and with owner Peter

He recalls his best trip was to a TOMCC weekend rally in the lake district some 3 years ago, with his being one of only two Meriden machines attending. He has installed a separate oil filter sited at the front of the sub-frame. And has had to deal with an anomaly with the sub-frame with the rear seat support actually bending down instead of up.

Overall Event Winner Peter receives the Winners Cup



‘Best Hinckley’ was won by Kev with his red Daytona 675.

‘Best Hinckley’ winner : Kev with his Daytona 675


. . . Kev (right)

Kev said the bike is well travelled in Wales, France, Spain and Portugal covering about 25,000 miles, with just 5,000 miles on the clock when purchased 3 years ago. Kev likes the balance of the bike and the performance exhaust he got from Italy.








‘Best Meriden’ was won by Colin from Exeter for his ‘L’ reg T100R Daytona in Turquoise and Silver. This one was particularly eye catching.

‘Best Meriden’ winner : T100R Daytona 500

with owner Colin


Would you believe it, half way through Colin’s presentation, Daytona 500 No 8 touched down in the extended Display Area.

Daytona 500 No 8

And to much applause by all it should be noted.


All the classic Daytona 500s were of a remarkably high standard and originality, taking into account the last one was produced over 43 years ago. This made judging very difficult indeed. Each of the machines were a great credit to their owners and their commitment to their machines was evident to all. And they all sounded so perfect when the time came for departure. So, so reminiscent.


Final Score then :


Meriden Daytonas : 8

Hinckley Daytonas : 6


So Meriden wins the 2017 Plymouth Daytona Day.


A very big thanks to all who attended braving the weather and making the effort. On Sunday 24th September, 2017, in Devon and Cornwall, it was definitely


Daytona  Day

(rain or no rain)